The Granite Pro


Stone Selection

We carry a wide selection of Granite and Quartz materials from multiple suppliers. You can browse for colors and styles of Granite & Quartz by visiting our suppliers’ websites below:

Laser Templates

Our Laser Template system is extremely accurate and is transferred digitally in an instant. Our template team uses the most precise laser template technology to measure and create files to send to our CAD department for rendering and verification.



Our state of the art Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines are programmed to know exactly where to cut each intricate detail of your project. Precise angles, undermount sink and cooktop cutouts, and holes for faucets are all completed during this process.



During this final phase of fabrication our CNC Machine uses diamond polishing pads to give the face of your slab a pristine finish. Once this process is complete a stone fabricator will go over your product one final time ensuring that there are no chips or blemishes and the finished product is ready to be installed at your home or business.


Our expert installation team will deliver your brand new, finished material to your home or business. Using care and precision, we complete the finish of your project for you to enjoy for many years to come!